Eclectic Coffee: Branding Identity

For this brief, the client wanted a brand identity that would speak volumes regarding their brand principles and methods.

The concept for the branding and logo generation would be to visually represent the methodology of the Eclectic Coffee Co.

They believe in providing quality and premium grade coffee beans straight from the sources all around the world, essentially cutting out the middle-man and providing the public with the ability to create premium coffee without the exorbitant prices.

The name Eclectic stands for constantly evolving, changing and taking inspiration from the world.
Thus, the coffee beans of the brand are sourced internationally and each region has a typographic style attached to it to create a sense of identity within the brand itself.

To create a unique sense of cohesion, ransom note typography was used as inspiration to effectively combine multiple typefaces and thematically, it ties in with the vision of providing for the people by sourcing the coffee beans from huge coffee corporations and offering it at a cheaper and affordable rate.

However, after multiple revisits, the initial logo was too complicated and it was simplified to inculcate the slight font variation and pique interest.

As a result, the deliverables combined the use of multiple typefaces to communicate the cohesion between different elements, thus showing the unity of the quality of brand, even when the beans are sourced internationally and from multiple suppliers.

Creative Direction + Execution + Storyboarding: Ahmad Rifa’ie
Program used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign