Natural History Museum:
The World in Your Fingertips

For this advertising project, Natural History Museum wanted to promote thier new microverse collections. The goal was to create pieces of extraordinary scale and depth using mundane, often overlooked items through methods of photography.

The tagline “The World in your Fingertips” was chosen as it is a play on words on the common phrase “world at your fingertips” that is popular among tech or network companies to communicate connectivity, but in this instance, it is used literally as the photographs of the objects are on a microscopic scale yet it seems expansive and immersive.

To create a collection of otherworldly and atmospheric photographs using familiar objects with organic and natural methods of manipulation.

Inspired by Lovecraftian novels and the use of macro photography, the pieces exude a sense of wonder and fear through the simple use of layering and lighting through a photographic means.

Creative Direction + Execution: Ahmad Rifa’ie
Program used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro
A project for a photographic brief

Using transparency and microscopic shots to create atmospheric pieces