Studio Lumos

The art direction for an upcoming art gallery focused on bringing artists into light and out of obscurity. The brand identity focuses on a minimal, contemporary style and using the sunburst and radiant motif as inspiration of illumination.

Business cards serve as another method of marketing. The cards are created with a sleeve design that allows for different examples of artwork displayed in the gallery to be showcased in an approachable and bite-sized form. This also gives a sense of spontaneity and variety as every business card will have a different artwork along with it. This creates a connection with the receiver and the artwork, making the business cards a keepsake and a reminder of the galleries’ presence.

For the digital gallery, the concept was to echo the values of the art gallery of putting the works in the forefront, as a result, in contrast to physical galleries where the areas are generally well-lit, this digital platform allows the user to come up close and see detailed shots of the pieces. So, the concept was to only allow sources of light and illumination to come from the artworks itself and only the areas with artwork will light up the gallery.

This creates an atmospheric and warm tone to the gallery as only the works are highlighted in the darkness.

Creative Direction + Execution: Ahmad Rifa’ie
Program used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Blender, Cinema 4D