The Digital Order :
The relationship of CGI and natural spontinuity

A project to showcase the connection between computer-generated imagery(CGI) and the unique spontinuity of elements in the natural world.

This projects aims to show that even though digital creation tools tend to be viewed as mechanical and technical, these tools are largely inspired by nature. 

The works showcases models created entirely with data and algorithm, creating an interesting sense of orderly chaos. 

Like nature, every model in the scene is different and determined by a set of restrictions and constraints to adapt to the scene and environment.

As a result, the works are entirely unique and could never be replicated as it will be constantly changing in its scale and form.

Creative Direction + Execution: Ahmad Rifa’ie
Program used: Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Blender, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro

Experiments on how just changing the basic form and allowing the “natural” algorithm to shape and create unique elements.